Monday, January 24, 2011

February Fever

It's only a week before that darn second month is upon us... *sigh*. Did January really pass that quickly? I don't feel like I've accomplished anything (yet) this 2011, and already there's only 11 months to go before the speculated end-of-the-world comes. I am not ready.

Well, to make things a little bit more exciting, I've decided to have a set theme for every month I review books. More specifically, I plan to make February the "Paranormal YA Romance slash Fantasy slash any other sub-genres you can think of" month. I only have a few more pages to go with Beautiful Creatures (I know, I'm a little bit late!) and I've already planned a review for a certain book-turned-movie due to come out this month on the 18th. (Hint: It stars Alex Pettyfer.) For March, I might go with a Thriller vibe since I WANTWANTWANT to read a Stephen King book since forever. To the rest of the months, I'd let you decide! In polls! Yay!

I meant 'yay' as in 'I finally found an excuse to use polls in my blog'. Go figure.

In short, lotsa excitement and stuff.

Of course, there is a giant loophole to this thing: It might be that I read a book that's not really in the particular month's theme. So, as my solution, I'm willing to make Special Reviews for these Very Special Books.

What about you? Has the New Year blues caught up with you yet? Want me to come up to you with a chainsaw instead? No, I didn't think so, either.